The worlds of IT and Engineering are coming closer together every day, and the blend of skills you need in your group is constantly changing. Lucid has the resources needed to augment your IoT project teams for successful delivery. Whether you need front end design, programming, or configuration with a variety of DCS & PLC systems, we have a nationwide network of Controls and Process Automation Engineers to support your high priority projects. 


Lucid specializes in providing the talent (or resources) our customers need to get through special projects in electronic product and embedded systems development. That includes Embedded Software and Firmware, Hardware, and V&V Test Engineers across a variety of industries.  


  • Remediation Resources & Teams

  • Process Validation

  • Lab & Production Equipment Validation

  • Building Automation

  • IT Systems Validation

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 Validation & Compliance Engineering 

  • ERP or Module Specific

  • MRP Systems

  • QMS or eQMS Tools

  • Manufacturing & Quality Systems / Software

Manufacturing IT

Controls & Automation Engineering

  • DCS & PLC Systems

  • Related Data Security

  • Automation Project Team Leaders

  • MES Tools

Quality Engineering

  • Quality Problem Solvers

  • Statistics 

  • Quality Risk Assessments

  • Maintenance Planning

  • Supplier Quality

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Staff Augmentation for Engineering

 Learn more about how Lucid uniquely matches engineering and systems needs to solve technical challenges.

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Project Delivery for

 Learn more about our formulaic approach to building teams of experts to integrate quickly, delivery on outcomes. 

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Through our Lucid Discovery Process, we challenge our clients to dig deeply on their business and technology needs, and with this, help them craft the best solutions to drive successful outcomes. Learn more about how we use our proven process to drive client outcomes - quickly, and painlessly.