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Bloomington-based Lucid Services Group Expands to Indianapolis

Deepens offerings in IT, engineering and life sciences fields, plans to add 76 jobs

INDIANAPOLIS, October 12, 2017 – Woman-owned tech consulting firm, Lucid Services Group (formerly LucidCorps) has announced its new headquarters in Indianapolis along with professional services offerings in the information technology, engineering, and life sciences fields.   

“We are seeing not only here in Indiana, but also on a national level, an aggressive pace of innovation and demand for new products and services,” said John Galligan. “Our team and our practice is evolving to deliver customers what they need in this transforming landscape.”

“Lucid is excited about the chance to grow as a part of Indiana's burgeoning technology landscape,” said Bethany Robinson, CEO of Lucid Services Group. “We see both opportunity, and talent in Central Indiana and can leverage this into the growth that we are forecasting against current client needs.”

The new brand, Lucid Services Group, better reflects the diverse offerings in the IT and engineering services space.  The company partners with leading and emerging high technology and software start-ups in the medical device, embedded systems and IoT (internet of things) domains. Lucid Services Group will undertake a substantial hiring effort in support of growing IT and engineering staff, as well as internal delivery teams comprised of, technical sales professionals and operations resources. The company estimates it will create 76 high-wage jobs over the next five years. New positions are expected at the company’s Indianapolis and Bloomington offices, as well as on-site with clients. New positions are expected to pay an average wage of more than double the state average wage. Interested applicants may apply online at www.lucidservicesgroup.com.

Lucid Services Group's new space in the historic Stutz Building downtown allows for a convenient, central location to service many regional customers.

“The Stutz Building is a fantastic place for Lucid to grow,” said John Galligan, Chief Operating Officer of Lucid Services Group. “We're surrounded by fellow technology companies, close to many of our major customers, and most importantly, right in the action that downtown Indy has to offer. Our team tips our hat to the leadership at both the State and City of Indianapolis levels for creating such an amazing business climate. What we found in working with the leaders in the State of Indiana's IEDC division was a group committed to growing companies and the high-tech workforce here in Indiana. We are thrilled to be able to put down our roots in Indianapolis and capitalize on the already strong talent base here.” 

Lucid has grown its business more than 400 percent this year as a result of demand in professional services work. Customers are asking for solutions that involve more than just traditional recruitment, which has been particularity polarizing in the engineering and life sciences spaces. 

"Indiana is a fantastic market for the life sciences industry, as well high-tech engineering companies,” said Robinson. “The state's history of innovation in this space is creating more demand for professional services partners to help the leading medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms continue to drive new products to market. On the engineering side, Indiana companies are doing tremendous work in Embedded Systems Development, Autonomous Robotics, avionics and aerospace. These are all areas that Lucid Services Group can add value in our expansion."

The company’s current customer base spans from Fortune 500 enterprises to hospital networks to burgeoning SaaS companies.  By growing professional services offerings, Lucid can increase staff and capabilities while being even more responsive to their customers needs. 

Learn more in the Indiana Economic Development Center (IEDC) newsroom.

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