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Lucid Founder's Personal Journey to Life Sciences IT Staffing

IT contractor staffing services isn’t the most apparent or obvious trade to get into. Taking that one step further into life sciences IT contractor staffing is even more niche. One question the founders of Lucid Services Group find themselves getting asked every so often is how they got into the business. When it came to the conversation to start Lucid Services Group, founders Bethany Robinson and John Galligan were also expecting their second child, daughter Maggie.

Lucid Founders John Galligan and Bethany Robinson with their children
Lucid Founders John and Bethany with their children Will and Maggie.

IT staffing and contractor sourcing was something Bethany and John were already seasoned at, which was why they were starting a business. They didn’t give much thought to life sciences or healthcare IT staffing until Bethany was 27-28 weeks pregnant and developed pre-eclampsia. The couple didn’t know it, but their high-touch introduction to the importance and essential necessity of life sciences technology and devices had begun.

History and Risks of Pre-Eclampsia

“By 29 weeks I was going to the doctor every day, and he told me he would be surprised if I made it to 32 weeks,” Bethany said. “I learned that many women worldwide are not only affected by this issue but die from it. I felt very lucky to have access to a health care provider I trusted.”

Sure enough, a day came when Bethany’s blood pressure went up and would not come down for days under 24/7 care in the emergency room. Risk for stroke or seizure was becoming a concern for the doctors. She was lifelined to Methodist where she spent ten days admitted to the hospital. Treatment options to manage blood pressure have gotten more advanced in recent decades, and fetal monitoring technology has advanced even further. “That let us know that Maggie was fine, but I was not doing well,” Bethany said. “Then, once they tried to induce labor, with the technology we could see that her heart rate kept dropping.”

When delivered by emergency c-section on Thanksgiving, Maggie weighed 3lb and was not breathing. “Later, we would see her chart and learn that she didn’t breathe for three minutes. That is when I think it really hit home hardest for me, how much all this medical technology saved her life and saved my life,” Bethany said. Maggie went into the Riley high-risk NICU where she was fully intubated for five days, on a CPAP for 10, and spent a sum total of her first 34 days of life. “It was a weird feeling going home from the hospital and leaving her there,” Bethany and John agreed.

How Skilled Tech Contractors Can Improve Lives in Life Sciences

Of course, the jump to life sciences staffing didn’t show up in their minds right away as these experiences unfolded—there was a lot more to focus on. “But it did hit a personal note—it made IT bigger in a way, and showed how some work done by people we know might make a difference and change someone’s life.” Bethany said. She went on to describe more about the IT specialist contracting field.

“Every IT need is so different, but it’s all mostly related. Some is implementation, some is getting back to being compliant, sometimes we want to update things. But like everything with talent these days, these experts are hard to find."

"For Life Sciences, we learned firsthand how essential it is for these organizations get experts when they're needed. Because otherwise, lives are not improved, and could even be at risk.”

John added that for many skilled IT experts, the opportunity to make a difference on a project in life sciences is appealing. “The thing for a lot of experts in certain subject matters like cybersecurity or a specific type of program is giving them enough advance notice to plan to take the project,” he said. “That is different for each individual and each need.”

Bethany agreed that even a short time frame to meet an IT staffing need can still yield good results under certain conditions. “We put relationships first and try to get to know the experts in our talent pool. If you know someone before you place them, and know who you are placing them with, you can make the best fit personality-wise, which is huge.”

“For us, staffing is about keeping the comfort level high for all parties and making sure we do what we can to improve the professional community along with the client’s workplace and project,” she continued.

Maggie Preschool
A healthy Maggie seen here in her preschool picture.

Bethany and John did not expect their second child and a complicated pregnancy to lead to this niche in their business, but they are excited to apply their staffing knowledge to help healthcare systems, pharmaceutical developers, and life sciences companies staff IT professionals on a contract basis. “The successful execution of a life sciences IT project or healthcare IT project is in the best interest of many people, beyond just those making a living from the project,” Bethany said. “That’s why we chose to explore this niche of the staffing world; because our work here can make a difference on a large scale by making connections and enabling others to do the same.”

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