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Getting the Most Out of New Enterprise Software with IT Staff Augmentation

If you’re considering implementing a new enterprise-level system, you already know there’s a lot to compare between products. There’s tried-and-true options up against the new and emerging innovations in software and tech being developed every day. Finding the perfect tool to meet your need is perhaps more likely than ever.

IT Staff Augmentation Hands Coming Together for Teamwork

But there is one element of comparison we challenge leaders making enterprise software decisions to think about. That element is the availability of experts and talent to work with your new system.

If you find the perfect software, but no one can configure or maintain it for you in the long-term, it won’t be an ideal solution after all.

The modern and emerging tools you want to use as a leader must be supported on the talent side to succeed. Luckily, the right technical talent can help your internal staff and build that support from within.

Here’s how to get the most from new enterprise software by temporarily staffing an IT expert to help your team install, configure, and learn a new enterprise system your way.

IT Staff Augmentation Benefit 1: Control Software Implementation Timeline

The first benefit of hiring a contractor to set up and configure a new enterprise solutions rollout is your control over the timeline. If you ask the native developer or another partner to handle the deployment of complex systems, you’re often at the mercy of their timeline. An out-of-the-box setup might not be what you need, and by the time their experts leave, you may not have learned enough to deploy the solution. That means you may have to continue working with the vendor as a service provider, too, if talent isn’t widely available for the .

On the other hand, an embedded expert that is part of your staff will be able to effectively migrate and customize the solution specific to your team’s operational workflows. They will understand your business case and make sure the configuration is nailed. And if that takes longer than expected, you will have a greater ability to get IT contractors to extend their timeline on your project versus an entire team.

IT Staff Augmentation Benefit 2: Personalized Software Training

A second benefit of IT staff augmentation when deploying or updating an enterprise-level solution is training for internal staff. A software deployment partner that implements the software for you will usually fly out a trainer for a finite period. The trainer will go through a rehearsed presentation of the system designed to teach everything they have decided is important. That person doesn’t necessarily know the team they are meeting with and what each person’s unique ability and strengths are. They also don’t always know much about the business and the need for the software.

When you use IT staff augmentation to set up and do training for the new enterprise system, the contractor gets to know your team and how they use existing systems. This lets them provide a more effective and personalized onboarding to the software down the road.

IT Staff Augmentation Benefit 3: Staff Resource Scalability

A third benefit of using IT staff augmentation for a software deployment or update is the ability to speed up the project when needed. If you are working with one contractor and they run into tricky elements, partners like Lucid can work the network to find the other experts that could accelerate the project while still maintaining quality. On the other hand, a software implementation partner or the developer’s team may not have the bandwidth or skillset to help.

Software Implementation Partner vs IT Staff Augmentation

Many people are in favor of software implementation partners because they have deliverable risk in the project. A member of your staff, even through staff augmentation, won’t bear that risk. But they will offset lots of risk in the long run by making sure people you manage can be the experts you need on the system. They let you set your own pace on the project and the training on the product, and can help you pick up speed if needed before a deadline.

At the very least, an IT expert contractor can provide a sanity check on the work being done by an implementation team or vendor.

When it comes to enterprise system selection, looking at talent availability side by side is a key part of the selection criteria. Our advice and approach is to involve IT staff augmentation service providers as early in the process as possible. That doesn’t have to mean making them an official part of your search to get our perspective. If you’re comparing enterprise systems, meet with Lucid early in the selection process and talk about some of the resources on the talent side. A comparison of how much it will cost to acquire and staff exert IT talent in different enterprise systems you are considering can help with decision-making early on.

In the meantime, visit this page to download our Free Hiring Guide to finding successful tech contractors.

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