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In today's global landscape, businesses of all sizes are more vulnerable than ever. Lucid Services Group can help you staff, grow, and modernize your information security to protect what matters most. 


Identity and Access Management

Security Policy

  • Multi Factor Authentication

  • User & Identity Management

  • Central User Repository

  • Authorization

  • Change Management

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Incident Response 

  • Authority and Access Control 

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  • Ciphers

  • PKI - Public Key Infrastructure

  • Data at Rest

  • Data In Motion

  • Open SSL

Network Security

  • Intrusion Prevention Systems 

  • Firewall Governance and Configuration

  • Network Behavior Anomaly Detection

  • Cloud Access Security Brokers 

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Staff Augmentation for Information Technology

 Learn more about how Lucid uniquely matches engineering and systems needs to solve technical challenges.

Project Delivery Information Technology

Project Delivery for
Information Technology

 Learn more about our formulaic approach to building teams of experts to integrate quickly, delivery on outcomes. 


Through our Lucid Discovery Process, we challenge our clients to dig deeply on their business and technology needs, and with this, help them craft the best solutions to drive successful outcomes. This can range from a consulting engagement with Lucid's senior staff, to a project delivery team that we help you build. We don't have an "off the shelf" solution that we will try to make fit to your unique challenges and environment. We have the experience, and flexibility, to craft creative solutions that allow you to focus on other parts of your business. Lucid's relationship-driven approach to customer experience allows us to separate and deliver the highest caliber of consultant and solution for your needs. 

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